Residential Tree Trimming & Removal Service


Tree Care
Preventative tree care is always your first defense against losing valuable tree cover in your back yard. With three generations of experience in the trees of this bioregion, Carlson Tree Service looks forward to advising you on the best ways to protect and enjoy your trees.

Tree Trimming
Trees growing in urban environments, unlike those in a forest, may require trimming to better fit into their allotted space. Whatever your trimming needs, our team of professional climbers takes pride in guaranteeing you the lowest impact and most thorough tree trimming available.

Regular pruning is important for keeping ornamental and fruit trees productive, accessible, and aesthetically appealing. Timing the pruning according to the season is essential for fruit tree health, and with our year-round work schedule, we can schedule your pruning at the best time for your tree.

Tree Removal
Whether it is due to unexpected storm damage, natural decline, or disease, sometimes safety concerns call for removal of yard trees. Utilizing extremely versatile climbing techniques and efficient rigging solutions, we can remove any problem tree, any time, in any location.

Stump Grinding
While Carlson Tree Service does not grind stumps, we maintain a close working relationship with a local family-owned business that specializes in stump grinding. To simplify your process, we can procure a quote and schedule stump grinding following our tree removal.

Brush and Debris Removal
For those inclined to do their own trimming or clearing, we offer dedicated wood chipping, and large wood removal services.

Mulching brush and debris