Residential Tree Trimming & Removal Service

Low Impact Tree Service

tree-service-guyOwner/Operator Nicholas Carlson is no stranger to the trees of this bioregion. Nick is a third generation tree worker continuing a family business started by his grandfather in Northern Wisconsin. Nick can remember watching both his grandfather, Ed, and father, Dennis, climbing high into hard-to-reach trees, expertly rigging complete trees down to the ground piece by piece for removal, and maintaining customers’ ornamental trees with timely and regular pruning services. Naturally, Nick found himself drawn to the same line of work and followed in their footsteps.

Today, Carlson Tree Service offers complete tree trimming and removal services for folks in both Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties. Comparatively, Carlson Tree Service offers a light footprint tree service option for customers and their yards. As one customer described Carlson Tree Service, “You guys are like squirrels climbing around up there.”

Professionalism is at the heart of any service rendered by Carlson Tree Service. In addition to the culmination of three generations of practice and consistency within the tree care trades, Carlson Tree Service maintains several insurance policies for your protection and theirs.

Carlson Tree Service aims to maintain a valuable niche in the Grand Traverse region. We are motorized and mechanized enough to remain competitive with the largest of tree services, utilizing a bucket truck when it is the best tool for the job. Yet we are also manually capable, technically skilled and physically agile enough to fill in the voids where heavy machinery just cannot reach, such as a lake front bluff, or where you just don’t want it, like in your backyard leaving tire tracks. With this approach, there is seldom a job too big, hardly a scenario too complex, and never a job too small for this crew. Many of our customers come to us with concerns about accessibility and the costs associated with using heavy machinery to maintain their trees. If this sounds like a concern of yours, Carlson Tree Service will be happy to help. Every project starts with a free consultation/estimate to assess your tree care needs.